Freelancer: How To Make A Good First Impression!

“First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions” 

As we all know, one cannot make a first impression twice. Therefore, as a freelancer, you should be aware that a first impression can either make or break business in just a matter of seconds. In fact, there is even a rule called the 7 Eleven rule

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when approaching potential clients.

#1: How to greet your potential client. 

Whenever responding to a job posted by a client, do not say “Hi Mary-Queenie”. As a recruiter, I do not want to be seen as your buddy before even starting working with you, let alone knowing you. When I am opening my inbox, I am expecting you to say something like: 

“ Good morning/evening Martha, I saw your post about the job available. My name is X and I would really appreciate it if you would consider me for the job. Here is my portfolio (or any work you can show). 

I would be glad to have a phone conversation to discuss your requirements and expectations. 

Have a nice day, 

XZ (Your First and Last Name)”

This customizable template is short, concise, and gives enough information to make a quick judgement about the type of person you are. It is important to keep it short because if I am scrolling through 100+ messages from freelancers applying for the job, I will definitely not read your extremely long texts and your 5 attached portfolios. Keep it simple and professional. 

#2: How to show you really want the job. 

One thing I have noticed as a recruiter was that many freelancers include in their intro paragraph “I need work” or “I really want the job.” Keep in mind that the client is not a charity organization and will not give you the job simply because you really want one. He/She will give it based on your level of professionalism, determination, and most importantly, that you will not take the job for granted because you are getting paid regardless of the quality. 

Instead, have a pitch/proposal ready after the potential recruiter has responded to the initial text message. 

#3: Your Profile

A big no no is definitely having a fake picture (like a flower) or no picture at all. What you want is to appear as a scam or simply sketchy. We all know that transactions online can be risky and so many recruiters get scammed at least once. Therefore, to stand out and seem more trustworthy, do set your own picture (If the platform you are using has that option: Facebook). It does not have to be anything extravagant or LinkedIn kind of profile, it is just to reassure the potential client that you are not sketchy. 

#4: How to have your first phone conversation. 

  1. Make a clear, Confident and warm greeting.

  2. Remember this is not an email. being brief and to the point is great in an email only.

  3. Speak clearly and politely.

  4. Structure your call in that you listen carefully to the client’s request.

  5. Clarify any follow-ups and send a recap mail following the call. 

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