Social Networks Were The Last 10 Years. Market Networks Will Be The Next 10.

Market Networks. How are they built?

Market Networks, as the name already says it, is a blend of Marketplaces and Social Networks. 

Traditional Marketplaces provide simple buyer-seller transactions, like eBay, Etsy, Uber, LendingClub, and Amazon, while Social Networks are profiles that project a person’s identity. Discovery and relationships through user to user interaction is promoted, thereby creating discovery and relationships. Think about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

How unique are the market networks?:

  1. Combine the best elements of both networks and marketplaces

  2. Use SaaS workflow software to foster repeat business, not just a quick transaction

  3. Give product/service provide an identity and promote relationship building.

How will market networks shape our decade?

Social interaction is at the center of successful deals. We witnessed the engagements in social media platforms. Well, what if the same relationship community applied to businesses?

What if the SMBs and Freelancers had their market network to unleash their potential and create bonds with prospective clients? Market networks provide chances to the gig economy. A new way of working and earning money and, and satisfying the users who want a hyper-personalized experience!

This YouTube video gives an understanding of the 13 effects of Market Networks by NFX, @JamesCurrier

Stay tuned for more about market networks!

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