The Future of remote workforce through Labour Marketplaces

Marketplaces have taken over for the past decade or so. They are part of our daily transactions from food delivery apps such as DoorDash to car rides apps such as Lyft and Uber. They automatch us with service providers instantly to get the job done.

This has become known as the Gig Economy --  The Gig Economy is flexible, temporary, freelance jobs through online platforms. 

Although the Gig Economy is still very popular and highly used, the next economy became known as the Talent Economy. This trend tackles more horizontal marketplaces such as LinkedIn and Indeed where profiles from across multiple categories can be found on the online platforms. 

Amid the Covid-19, NFX Managing Partner, Pete Flint, layed out some new trends that will be soon be popularized due to the impact of the pandemic on the online labor force. 

  1. Complexity: Labour marketplaces will now offer access to remote work involving more complexity. Example include healthcare, oil contractors and so forth.

  2. Improved User-experience: Specialisation in a vertical to render recruitment through the labour marketplaces as efficient as possible.

  3. Technology: Leveraging on AI and SaaS tools to optimise efficiency

  4. Re-skilling and Upskilling.

Education is key. With the use of technology and training, the supply side will benefit from acquiring more knowledge and perfecting their skills because of how demanding the labor market is becoming in this financial turmoil. Now is the best time to go beyond your capabilities to become a competitive candidate. This will also allow the supply-side to advance and upscale their services. 

As a conclusion, the next trend is to both benefit the demand side with technology tools while also giving opportunities to the supply side with training, technology, and a chance at showcasing their profiles on their own platform instead of adventuring themselves on horizontal marketplaces such as LinkedIn. 

Vertical Marketplaces have a great shot at succeeding and finding users because of everything become remote working. All these challenges for the past few months have been solved with all the jobs and classes moving online, people have gotten acquainted to online communication and working - All that is lacking is finding the sweet spot for the best user experience online. 

Note: This article is originally from an NFX Article

As far as GRANDUNO is concerned, we are building a market network to enable SMBs and Freelancers to be connected to clients at all times. We firmly believe that everyone on earth has a passion or skill which could potentially be monetised. 

We would like to hear you, what are your thoughts as to the next labour marketplace?


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